Crawford County Foundation
The Crawford County Foundation, Inc. (CCF) is a not-for-profit organization formed by representatives of the areas leading employers in response to a growing demand for dependable childcare.  The mission of the CCF is to reach the greatest number of children, youth and adults in Crawford County by supporting educational and physical development through guidance and financial support.
Over the course of two years, the CCF raised over $800,000.00 to build this state-of-the-art childcare facility that would provide a safe, fun, learning environment to children while keeping rates at or below market.
The center opened in October 2004 and is a state licensed and state accredited, 7,500 square foot building with a licensed capacity for 94 children.  The All Aboard Learning Center is a reflection of what a community can do when businesses, individuals and families come together to make a dream a reality.  All Aboard Learning Center is currently seeking accreditation through the NAEYC.

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Missouri Accreditation
Promoting our most precious resource through accreditation.  Your children are your legacy and our future.  We recognize our partnership in ensuring that the future-theirs and ours-is brighter than the present.
Child care and educational programs that have achieved Missouri Accreditation provide a developmentally appropriate and sound program with suitable equipment and supplies and well trained teachers, striving to provide children the best experiences possible.  In an accredited care and education program, a child will learn to interact with other children, be exposed to developmentally appropriate materials and  experiences, and most importantly acquire the tools to go out in the world and succeed.
Research shows that a higher level of quality in child care and educational setting is associated with children having enhanced social skills, reduced behavioral problems, increased cooperation and improved language skills.
Parents who select a program accredited by Missouri Accreditation for their children know that the program's staff are committed to providing a good, safe educational setting in an environment that fosters social, intellectual and physical growth.

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